How To Fit Your Headboard To Your Bed?

Floor Standing Headboard

There are a few ways to attach your headboard to your bed.

Headboards come with struts as standard, unless they are wall-hung or wall-mounted.

If that is the case, the pieces needed to mount the headboard will be supplied.

Headboard With Struts

Headboard With Struts
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Struts are the most common way to fit your headboard into your bed.

The struts that will usually come with your headboard should simply screw into the back of your headboard. The other end will neatly fit onto the back of most standard divan beds.

Your divan bed will have two bolds on the back and you just need to unscrew these bolts, fit the headboard to them, and then screw the bolts gently back on.

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Before you tighten the bolts all the way, you may be able to adjust the height of your headboard.

The struts supplied with most headboards are designed to let you slide the headboard up and down the back of the divan so you can set the headboard in the right position depending on the thickness of your mattress.

Once you have found the perfect height, tighten the bolts and the headboard will stay in place.

Floor Standing Headboard

Floor Standing Headboard
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Floor standing headboards are attached in a manner similar to those with struts, but they don’t look quite the same and are built in a slightly different way.

Instead of being packaged as a separate piece, the struts are already part of the headboard.

They reach down to the floor and allow the headboard to stand in place correctly.

Generally, the headboard will include a gap on the standing frame where the bolts can be screwed in to attach the headboard firmly to the bed.

Wall Mounted Headboard

Wall Mounted Headboard
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Wall-mounted headboards (also called wall hung) are often used in situations where it might not be possible, practical, or desirable to use struts.

Popular in both boutique hotels and in bedrooms, these headboards will come with wall mounting fixtures. It can be a little tricky to mount a headboard to a wall, and we wouldn’t want one to come loose in the middle of the night.

To make sure it is done correctly and safely we recommend you use a professional DIY expert to install your wall-mounted headboard.

They will ensure the correct tools are used and will check that your wall will support the weight of the wall-mounted headboard you choose.


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